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Industry Standard Insulating Materials for Manufactured/Mobile Home Crawlspace

The manufactured home approved insulating materials are Batt Insulation, which must be at least R-19 (6 inch) faced or unfaced in the crawlspace, and Blown-in Insulation, which must be at least R-19 (7.6 inch) in the crawlspace. These insulations are held in place in the crawlspace by a vapor barrier or underbelly. The vapor barrier is made of polyethylene, a woven, breathable, tarp-like material. Another product that can be used and is manufacture approved for holding insulation in place is a standard house wrap, such as Tyvek or Everbuilt house wrap. The vapor barrier or wrap must be attached to each floor joist beside the home’s I-beams the entire length of the home. This is to ensure that the insualtion, whether Batt or Blown-in, is properly held in place. All materials mentioned in this article are industry standard when replacing or repairing the underbelly of a manufactured home.