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Industry Standard Insulating Materials for Manufactured/Mobile Home Crawlspace

The manufactured home approved insulating materials are Batt Insulation, which must be at least R-19 (6 inch) faced or unfaced in the crawlspace, and Blown-in Insulation, which must be at least R-19 (7.6 inch) in the crawlspace. These insulations are held in place in the crawlspace by a vapor barrier or underbelly. The vapor barrier is made of polyethylene, a woven, breathable, tarp-like material. Another product that can be used and is manufacture approved for holding insulation in place is a standard house wrap, such as Tyvek or Everbuilt house wrap. The vapor barrier or wrap must be attached to each floor joist beside the home’s I-beams the entire length of the home. This is to ensure that the insualtion, whether Batt or Blown-in, is properly held in place. All materials mentioned in this article are industry standard when replacing or repairing the underbelly of a manufactured home.

Macomb Township Water Damage Repair

Here is a look at a recent Macomb Township water damage insurance claim repair due to a busted dishwasher drain line under the kitchen sink. We replaced the flooring in the kitchen, dining room, foyer, and sitting area as you can see in the pictures below. The new flooring brings out the homes natural light and adds brightness to the space.  


Macomb County Wind Damage Repair

Take a look at a Macomb county wind repair job we recently finished. As you can see in the first picture, the wind did the most damage to the left side of the roof. We repaired the damages and reshingled the entire roof giving this home a beautiful new look.  


Clarkston MI wind/hail storm damage insurance repairs

Here is another storm damaged home we recently repaired.  As you can see the rear elevation of this home got pounded due to the storm coming in from the north west.  The Front elevation did not get hit as hard but since the wind was swirling the large hail did enough damage for the siding and skirting to be replaced.  These photos show that the siding must be completed before the skirting of the home can be properly installed.

Wind & Hail Damage-maufactured home-Clarkston MI 1Wind & Hail Damage-maufactured home-Clarkston MI 2Wind & Hail Damage-maufactured home-Clarkston MI 3

storm repairs to a manufactured home in Oakland County MI




Wind & Hail Restoration to manufactured home Clarkston MI Oakland County

This is a project which we just completed, the damages were due to wind and hail from a recent storm.  This project consisted of replacing damaged windows, siding, shutters, skirting and fascia.  The homeowner stated that the hail that created the holes in the siding were the size of golf balls.

Hail & Wind damage on a manufactured home Clarkston MI 1Hail & Wind damage on a manufactured home Clarkston MI 2

Restoration of manufactured home in Clarkston MI, Oakland County

Washington Twp MI Manufactured home shingled roof

Here is a roofing project we recently completed on a manufactured home.  The existing shingles where a 15/20 year three tab so since we were tearing them off we gave the homeowner an upgraded 30 year dimensional  shingle.  By the way I would never suggest putting more than two layers on this type of home, if your are doing a shingle over make sure there is only one existing layer of shingles.


Washington Twp MI maufactured home shingled roof 2Washington Twp MI maufactured home shingled roof 1

Shelby Twp MI Wind/Water Repair to Soffit, Fascia and Gutter

These are before and afters of a wind/water damage repair made to an over hang.  The over hang had to be rebuilt because wind damaged the shingles and allowed water to make its way through the sheeting into the overhang.  This went on for some time and ended up rotting out the soffit structure and fascia boards in the area.  We were able to build off of the original structure to make the needed repairs as seen in the first picture.

shelby twp mi wind and water damaged doorway overhang repair 1shelby twp mi wind and water damaged doorway overhang repair 2

wind and water damage repair in Shelby twp, mi


Metal Roof Installment in Chesterfield MI

These are pictures of a completed barn metal style roof over an existing mobile home metal roof and expando.  Metal roofs are a great option for covering existing mobile home roofs that have to be coated or sealed.  The best benefit of these types of roofs are their durability and low maintance.


Chesterfield MI mobile home metal roof 2Chesterfield MI mobile home metal roof 1

Installation of metal roof on a manufactured home in Macomb County MI.


Insurance Restoration Services

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At Homesaver Contracting Company we specialize in all insurance repairs needed to your home, property or business.  The following are a few of the types of claims for which we provide service…


  •    Restoration of Water


  •    Wind Damage


  •    Fire & Smoke damage


  •    Hail Damage


  •    Animal Damage




Animal damaged insulation insurance claim in crawlspace Chesterfield MI

This project consisted of replacing insulation and vapor barrier in a crawlspace that was damaged by possums.  The possums torn holes in the vapor barrier that you see in the provided pictures.  Once in the vapor barrier the possums had free range to the insulation of the home, in which they peed, pooped and trampled.  The damaged insulation and vapor barrier had to be cut out from under the home and new was installed. The following pictures show the damaged area before and after repair. 


animal damage insurance claimanimal damage insurance claimChesterfield MI animal damage to insulation in crawlspace 2Chesterfield MI animal damage to insulation in crawlspace 1

Restoration of animal damaged mobile home crawlspace in chesterfield MI